Cartridge ecig VS Refillable ecig let the battle commence…

I have many friends and family members that like me have turned their love for cigarettes into a love for e-cigs. – Thank you Ares from - Most days I get at least one person badgering me ‘ohh please let me try that one’. I don’t mind, I like trying out new things also, but we always end up getting into an argument. Whose ecig is better?

I like to think of myself as a fairly experienced vaper and absolutely love vaping refillable cigs mostly because I can stock up on as much e liquid as I like and switch my juice every day. However, most of my family, including my mum (who is very argumentative btw!) love the cartridge ecigs. Without a shadow of a doubt she will want to try what I’m vaping (I don’t really blame her because whatever I have I make it look good) but she always ends up boasting about her own ecig and bashing mine.

So this blog is for everyone who is indecisive of what to vape. I’m going to be completely unbiased when giving positives and negatives of each product and you can then make up your own mind.

Cartridge Electronic Cigarette

  • Small, handy, looks visually like a real cigarette.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Dead easy to use, can replace cartridges within seconds without any real concentration.
  • A smaller battery sometimes means a shorter battery life however this isn’t always the case.
  • Can be mistaken for smoking a real cigarette (this can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are around)
  • Easy charge, usually by USB.

Refillable Electronic Cigarette

  • Is a lot bigger and heavier than a cartridge ecig.
  • Some batteries can last a lot longer due to their size, however this isn’t always the case.
  • Can be quite difficult to refill if it’s your first time doing so, however once you get the hang of it it’s simple.
  • More danger of hazards with e-liquid than a cartridge as e-liquid may come into contact with your skin (if this does occur then rinse with cool water immediately).
  • Generally I find that with a stronger battery you get stronger vapour usually with the refillable ecigs but again this isn’t always the case with everyone.
  • You can mix e-liquid to get different tasty flavours.



I love both cartridge and refillable ecigs but my rule of thumb would be to start off with cartridge ecigs then move on to refillable ones once you are more experienced. Both types unarguably give you a very satisfying vaping experience whichever one you choose!

E-cigs hit Gogglebox!

We’ve all seen it (or heard about it at least) – Channel 4’s Gogglebox! I personally love the show; it makes me laugh so much every single time.  With the rise in popularity of both the show and e-cigs I can’t say I was very surprised to see Ralph, 50 year old heavy metal fan, vaping away on the sofa in front of the TV.

I’m not sure if Ralph has completely stopped smoking, but what I do know is he always has an e-cig in his hand which is good enough for me! This means he can sit back and relax, watching the shows he loves with his family without any interruption of going out for a quick fag.

Gogglebox shows the reaction of a range of different families and friends watching TV programmes. They sit glued to their TV screen while a camera shows us their response. One thing I do when watching TV is vape and I love seeing someone doing the same!

I’m not sure of the reason as to why Ralph vapes ecigs, maybe he is cutting down on cigarettes? Maybe he doesn’t want to miss the TV? Either way I’m going to run through a few benefits of vaping in the house.

Benefits of Vaping in the house

1-      Vapour does not smell nor does it affect the health of people around you. If Ralph decided to smoke in the living room I’m sure his family wouldn’t be impressed with the smell or thick, long lasting smoke they would be inhaling. Vapour has absolutely no smell – you don’t even have to crack the window open the vapour evaporates into the air!

2-      E-cigs have no flame or smoke. There is no danger of any house fires starting or any ash burns in the sofas and there is definitely no need for any smelly ash trays. No smoke means there is no smelly house, sofas, pillows or carpets.

3-      Electronic cigarettes are a lot more convenient than tobacco cigs. You can pick them up and put them down when you want. If you only want one or two puffs you can without any waste.

4-      Pets are not put off by vaping! I’ve held afew BBQ’s in my time and my dog absolutely hates being around people who smoke. She starts sneezing and runs off. Vaping in the house is better for Ralph’s cats as I’m sure they don’t like smoke either!